L∞ve On Fire invites you to join us
for two weeks in Ibiza
August 8th to August 22nd 2019



A small, luxurious Ibiza style hotel surrounded by a vast garden, only a few minutes from spectacular sea views from the cliffs.

Every suite is different, quirky and has a separate entrance. All have stunning bathrooms. Most rooms have access to an inner yard, some to a private terrace.

We'll enjoy beautiful surroundings, a big pool with beautiful shaded areas, Jacuzzi and other amenities.

There are only 10 rooms/suites, in 4 price ranges, available.

Day Passes available for non-residents. The Hotel premises are exclusively reserved for our group and clothing is of course optional.



All the rooms are suites.

Prices include:

  • Breakfast Buffet
  • Open Bar (as announced)

Offerings/ Experiences/ Events

Coming into the body

Morning activation for more openness, grounding and presence

Contact Dance: Love in Motion

Guided improvisation: expand your awareness of the moving body when relating with others, in playful, erotic and fun ways

Liquid Love: Love in Oil

Juicy, sensual oil immersion experience preceeded by a short talk about touch, consent and boundaries

Sensuous Body Painting: Love in Colour

A cooling sensation of a brush tracing your skin, your partner creating a unique, loving expression of beauty on your body... a very intimate, perhaps even transformative experience

Cacao & Dance Ceremony: Love, sweet Love

We love cacao and cacao loves you! A heart opening, wonderful ritual awaits you

Conscious Sex Party: Love on Fire (main event)

Guided journey into ecstasy. Bring to fruition all you have experienced during two weeks

Evening Temple I Receiving and Giving in Co-creation

Evening Temple II Play shop: provocative and fun games

Boat trip to Formentera: Day excursion

Private sessions with Eva and/or John

For Individuals or Couples

  • Conscious touch is our unique fusion of techniques rooted in Ancient Temple Arts upgraded to our modern lifestyle and crafted to meet your individual needs
  • Nuru Nuru Massage full-body sensual massage, immersed in premium oil, inspired by Japanese tradition
  • Yoni/Lingam Massage/De-armouring based on Tantric and Taoist traditions

Separate price list for experiences, events and private sessions. These extra offerings will be paid directly to the respective facilitators.


For information and availability:


contact L∞ve On FIre!