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the freedom to experience yourself

We are friends, lovers, students of life and passionate about expressing love, play and connection in the world through the power of Consciousness and Open-Heart Relating. We integrate the Wheel of Consent by Dr Betty Martin.

L∞ve On Fire is about the freedom to experience yourself fully as a sexual being. It's about the ability to have pleasure and joyful connection within our own relation and with others. This is all possible when you look deeper at who you are as an individual and how you engage with your partner(s) and other people in your life.

Our Intention is to create and share special Events, organized in special locations at special times of the year. Our Tribe will be holding and guiding through specific gatherings and, where opportunity arises, will invite persons of in-depth Wisdom.

However, surrounding the above principle, lies the Celebration and Freedom of each person to enjoy and take a "Deep Dive" into Bliss.

We believe that sexuality is at the core of who we are, how we express ourselves in the world and how we relate with others.

With a lover or loved ones we want to surrender, be soft, open and vulnerable. For this to happen, we have to feel safe. It's often difficult to recognize and to let go of defenses and resistance that we think protects us from being hurt.

If you don't know or can't clearly communicate your needs and boundaries, you can't expect another to know them. Miscommunication can occur - and with that, unrealistic expectations emerge, distance is created and sexual intimacy becomes unfulfilling - which can result in tension and stress, mistrust or jealousy.

In principle, this is for everyone feeling at home in what is known as "Alternative Relating". Many in our tribe are couples in the Libertine community wanting more mindfulness with those they play with. Some confess to the Polyamoury philosophy or simply practice a variety of sexual Kinks or they are on a Spiritual/Tantric Journey.

Your gender identity is what it is, and is welcome.

We promise to do our outmost to be as inclusive as possible, but we are not naïve. Unfortunately, some unhealthy people hoover out there, so a degree of filtering is performed. We ask for your understanding and patience, should you decide to join us.